Best Business Ethics

I have a friend who recently got fired from a job for violating the working agreement she had with her boss. She feels what she did wasn’t wrong. Since I am friends with both of them, I didn’t know what advice to give her.

But thinking over being on the up and up, the one advice I would give anyone who was going to freelance with a client that they do not use what they have learned to help other clients. I don’t mean not using job skills you learn while working for a client, such as learning to edit in php, or flash or whatever. I mean learning about SEO things, and taking that knowledge and helping another client with it. That would be a violation.

It is much easier when you are employed by only one employer. You use the knowledge you gain on the job to do the work better for them. It is when you have many clients that you have to say…ah, that would be a violation of the NDA (non-discloser agreement) that I signed, so I had better not use that information.

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