Being the “good” graphic designer

Just as the world is filled with people of all skill levels, so is the world of graphic design. I have often picked up a job from another designer because the client couldn’t work with them any more, and while it is good for me, it gives a bad name to web and print designers.

And the clients don’t often know that what they are experiencing is not the norm, that the service they got was not good and should not be tolerated.  Perhaps I am very concerned about service, because that often is the only thing that separates me from my competitors, but it is something that people want. The old adage of work is often not "How much?" but "When can I have it?" Price counts to a certain extent, but if you don’t give them good service, they are willing to pay more to get it done right.

Value added is important as well. Give the clients more than they expected. Add things to their project that make it just a little better.

That is the way to be the "Good" graphic designer instead of "that terrible" one.

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