Being linked to MacSurfer

Not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, but yesterday my blog was listed on MacSurfer, and I’ve had more comments about my little piece on Apple, then I’ve had about anything else I’ve ever written.

Thanks for all the comments.

While it is true that ComputerWare was not the best place, it was good for advice on what worked and didn’t work when System X came out. I guess what I miss was being able to ask for advice before I bought a product, something I can’t really do now I that I rely on mail order for my products. And since all my clients have a mixture of needs and systems, I can’t always ask them, other than to ask how they like it.

Not too happy by the comment that I’ve now been linked to someone who hates Apple, as I don’t. Oh well, I guess it is all give and take.

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