Being forced to upgrade to a new OS X

As I wrote the other day, the solution from Adobe was to upgrade to a new OS X system on my Mac. [I was running OS 10.2.8]. The reason I hadn’t upgraded to Panther (OS X 10.3) was because I had read that it messed up external firewire drives, of which I have two. I figured I was doing just fine with OS 10.2, and so didn’t want have to encounter all the problems that happen when one upgrades.

So, I was telling a colleague this the other day and he handed me OS 10.3. He said, go ahead and install it, and just do upgrades until it is 10.3.9, and I shouldn’t have any problems.

I spend all Saturday, watching, waiting for the worst. But, Adobe Creative Suite 2 installed just fine, and my hard-drives didn’t disappear, so I thought I had dodged the bullet. Then I went to open Dreamweaver, and it fell into a spin of not opening. I started to panic, then thought, hmm, others had been here before, so i did an search and found the solution the on the Macromedia website.

So, that problem is fixed, at least for now. Now I just have to watch for all the other bugs that might arise. At least others have been here before, and I’m not facing new problems the way I would with 10.4, which I’m probably going to hold off on for a while.

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