Bad and evil websites

Well, first I’m going to talk about evil website, then I’ll talk about a bad website.

By evil I mean people who rip other people off. I don’t mean templates. I mean just taking a website and not only using the graphics, but using the words as well. A good place to look at this sort of thing is Pirated Sites.

This is such a cool site. It is amazing what people think they can get away with. Often, when this is put up, the offending party takes it down. Sometimes they don’t. What is amazing is that it is large companies as well as small. This is another one of those time eaters though, so don’t read this site, unless you are prepared to look at all the cheaters and copy-cats out there.

Now i’m going to talk about bad web sites. I don’t usually talk about bad web sites, because I’m sure everyone has an opinion about what is bad and what is good, but this site struck me as so bad, and the person who had designed it as so clueless, that I had to write about it.

Let me give you some background first. I got one of my smallest clients because she heard through a friend that I did web sites She said, “Oh, I had someone do my website but they never finished it. I tried and tried to get them to, I even paid them but they never did, could you do it?” So I looked at her website, fixed up all the broken links, made the site have some sort of style that matched from page to page, and she was so happy, that she let me do her next website, which was also small. I gave her what she wanted, and she sent letters out to everyone she knew, asking them to look at her website. One of these people was Carol T. Miller.

Go ahead, look at her site. Search around. I’ll wait here.

Finished? What did you think. Do you think perhaps she is not exactly focused on doing web design. Do you think she should at least do two web sites, one for web design and one pet sitting. That would at least save her.

But, I’m not writing because her site is bad; well, I am, but there is more. I am writing because after viewing my client’s new site, she wrote and asked why my client hadn’t come back to her. (I guess she forgot that she had never finished the job she had been paid for?). She said she had improved so much that my client would have been so happy to use her services.

My client read her letter over the phone to me, and laughed.

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