Bacn and the spread of internet slang

According to the Wednesday edition of Boing Boing, the word Bacn was coined about on Sunday, and now it is has been listed on at least 350 blogs, and is the 14th most popular search of the day. There is even a blog up about it.  Bacn is like Spam, in that it is email you don’t want, but it isn’t email you didn’t ask for. You did ask for it, it is just you don’t want to read it right now. Things like updates to web pages you are interested in, or Google alerts. We get them, and want to ignore them. You get the idea.

I’m glad we finally have a name for it. Heaven knows what we would have been calling it all these years if not for this.

all reminded me of the book "Frindle", the children’s book about a boy who decides to make up a new name for a pen.  In the book, the word takes off, and eventually becomes so much a part of the language that it appears in the dictionary. Of course, in the book, this all took 10 years to happen, long before the internet was introduced.

So, let’s see how long it takes for your mother to be cursing about her Bacn, in the morning, just as she likes to talk about her bling.

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