Attracting Spam, or why I don’t use Gmail

I have several email accounts. I’m sure everyone does. I tend to use one account a lot (a paid account) and only use the other free-accounts when something goes wrong, or I have to send a large file (my regular ISP has a restriction on file sizes). I tend to use my account only now and then, and I hardly ever ever use my gmail account. My Yahoo account gets spam from time to time; one or two, if that.

Today I went to my Gmail account and was shocked to fine about 32 spams had been sent to me, even tough I have never used it except for emailing friends or family. I deleted each one, as it used variations on my name to try to sell me Rolex watches or some such crap or other. Now granted, Gmail realized they were spam and would delete them after 30 days, but why was I getting spam at all? The email address isnt anywhere! Plus the email address isn’t even my exact address. I just checked again, a few moments ago, and discovered 4 more.

All I can say is that Gmail better clean up its act, if they expect people to trust them and start using them, which I don’t think I will any time soon, as I don’t really enjoy deleting spam.

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