Apple’s Lawsuits

Apple has a bunch of lawsuits against is, but so does Microsoft. Who has more? Whose are more important? Should we care? According to the recent issue of MacAddict, Apple is involved in 16 lawsuits. Since this issue doesn’t appear to be online, here is a quick rundown of those lawsuits.

  • Apple Corp. vs. Apple Computer: Basically, Apple records is suing Apple Computer because they weren’t suppose to go into the music business (Apple Computer that is) with the Apple name. iTunes and the iPod have changed this.

  • Apple Computer vs. Guangdon Apples Industrials: Apple wanted to sell clothing with their trademark, but Guangdon already had clothing with their trademark, which looks quite close to Apples.
  • Apple Computer vs. Bancroft: This case was settled, so it isn’t ongoing any more. I can’t find a link to the story, but it was a lawsuit saying G3s and OSX didn’t mix well.
  • iPod battery lawsuit: This is apparently a bunch of lawsuits, because the life
    of the iPod isn’t all it is cracked up to be. You would think Apple would learn by now not to release things that fail. They had this problem with their laptops to. :(

  • Eminen v. Apple Computer: Apparently Apple used an Eminen song without permission.
  • Retailers
    vs. Apple Computer:
    I wrote about this before. Third party retailers are feeling that Apple has cheated them, because they have cut better deals with their own line of retail stores.

So, it sound like no one loves Apple. But, what about the evil empire to the north. How is Microsoft fairing?

I did a search for Microsoft’s law suits, just for fun. We all know the big one they had against them a few years back, but what is happening to them now? They are a few lawsuits going on as well, from what I picked up from the new. As of today they are:

  • Suing a Dutch company that is calling itself Lindows. Shock! Horror!

  • According to e-week, it is also fighting 30 to 35 ongoing patent cases. These cover things such as automatically starting an application in windows to sending web alerts.
  • Microsoft has also filed lawsuits against twelve resellers for selling counterfeit products.

Ah well, I guess we sue Apple because we love it.

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