Apple Remote Desktop 2

I see that Apple is releasing Remote Desktop 2 . I have Remote Desktop 1, and I can’t wait.

I love Apple Remote Desktop. Of course, I also liked Timbuktu, when it first came out. For those who have never heard of both, and only have to worry about the one computer they are working on, both of these programs allow you remotely access a computer and even do work on it. Of course, in the bad old days of the early internet, you had to use a modem and both computers had to be up and running. But, oh, it was so cool to be able to work at home.

Now, you can do more. You can control PCs and well as Macs. I have two computers that I currently control, and even though they are in the same room, I don’t have to walk over to them, or turn on their monitor if I don’t want to. I can sent email from one account, without having to change the account I am on. I have one computer which is still in system 9, so I can send from that computer, to other system 9 people. (If I send from System X, it doesn’t always work for them. I use the other computer to listen to the BBc, so without getting up, I can turn up or down the volume, or even look at what is going on, and who is being interviewed.

Now, some of the new features aren’t really meant for me, as I’m only communicating and manipulating the computers, when no one else is on them. (Although my daughter thinks it’s funny if she is at her computer and I do manipulate it. I think the best new feature is that I’ll be able to look at more than one computer at a time. Gets sort of confusing after a while, though.

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