Apple fixes it’s iTunes mistake

Sheesh. I got an email today, after a week of wondering what was up. It was quite to the point:

Thank you for your recent video purchase on the iTunes Store.

You may have experienced a grey or black screen while viewing your purchased
video(s). Apple regrets any inconvenience caused by this issue and has placed a
new copy of your video purchase(s) in your download queue, free of charge. To
begin downloading, click this link:

Alternately, you can open iTunes and choose Check for Available Downloads from
the Store menu.


iTunes Store Customer Support

And normally, this wouldn’t have been a big issue. It sounds as though, fromt he email, that it was just a minor glitch, right? Well, it is an hour, at least, that I won’t get back, as well as a week of wondering if I could ever buy things from the Apple store again.

It started out last week. I buy the Daily Show for my iTouch, and I went to download it. It kept saying that it wasn’t authorized to play on my computer, and would not transfer to my iTouch.  i figured it was a one day thing, and tried again the next day. It still didn’t work. I could purchase apps, I could purchase tunes, but couldn’t download my videos. I finally bit the bullet and called tech support. It was the usual thing. Are you online? Have you changed anything? Can you restart your computer? And then they asked me to reinstall iTunes, which I did. All this took at least an hour or more. And when I had done it all, it still didn’t work.

I thought to give it a week, to see if anything changed, and it did, but during the week of not being able to watch The Daily Show, I seriously considered canceling my pass to download it.

If I had found a discussion on-line, of others having this problem, I might have felt better, or if the rep had said anything, but no one offered any information, and I know I wasn’t the only one going through this.

Of course, today, when I got the email, I looked again, and found I wasn’t the only one suffering, as reported in Electric Pig.  No one seems to be having the same problem, but it is all associated with the upgrade to 4.0.

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