Another IE only site

I thought that I wasn’t going to find any other IE only sites, but I came across one the other day, and I was very frustrated.

First, some background. I was trying to buy travelers checks for travel overseas. I decided I wanted to buy them in the local currency because the dollar keeps going up and down (mostly down) like a yo-yo. I finally found out, by searching around, that American Express sells local denomination traveler’s checks, so I went to the site, typed in what I wanted and waited, and nothing happened. Hmm, so I thought, oh, perhaps it doesn’t work in FireFox, I’ll try Safari. Then I tried Opera. Then I went to my PC and tried FireFox, and finally started IE, and then I was able to purchase my travelers checks.

OK, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to bother with being compatible with the Mac. It’s a sad story, but I’m used to being only 3 percent of the Internet population. However, you would think that they would make it work on FireFox, with all the problems that IE has had lately, and considering they are up to being at nearly 10 percent of the market these days. The article sited int he last sentence also said that in some countries the percentage is even higher, where it is 30% of the total browser market in Germany.

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