Another edition of fun pages to look at

I know I have mentioned Boing Boing, as one of the places I go to daily. And from there, I find the most interesting sites to go into.

But I also get sites from lists that I am on, or from friends, so what follows are some recent finds. I wouldn’t go to these everyday, but these are interesting sites none-the-less

  • Juergen Specht-photographer. This site is about a bunch of warning signs in Japan. We have nothing like that here. Things that we should have, to be sure, but don’t have. Signs about being quiet at night, and in the early morning, or taking pride in your work. Some are quite fun, like 175, which is a no smoking sign.
  • Google SiteSeeing This is a whole site, but this page that I have linked to is a fake city that has been build for training. Quite interesting.
  • Something Awful: This site apparently has Photoshop Friday, and this link is to one that was for signs. Good for a laugh. This is a link to all the Photoshop Fridays.
  • And finally, a photoshop site, Worth that was making fun iproducts from Mac. Notice the prepensity  of toilets.

So, those should make your day a little lighter, if you dont’ get lost in reading them when you should be working, which is why I posted this on Friday.

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