Another day, another browser, SpaceTime, but not for the Mac, yet

Spacetime is still in beta, so it is hard to tell if this will be cool or not.  I saw it mentioned in, of all place, my favorite place for this sort of thing, the San Jose Mercury News business section. It all sounded quite cool. And I would love to tell you more about it, such as the info it gave on their website, a demo that starts playing when you open the page, but unfortunately it is, you guessed it, only available on Windows 200XP and Vista.

Now granted, this is still beta, which used to mean it wouldn’t be released at all, except to a select few beta testers, but now a days, things are brought out in beta to test the waters, so I shouldn’t be too surprised when I find that it is only available on limited platforms.

But, if I could have tested it, I’m sure I would have found it quite cool. Why look, their video on the front page of how it can do 3D Search and 3D Tabled Browsing sounds great. It will be nice when this very Mac looking browser is available for the Mac.

The worst slap in the face, however, was the quote at the top of the page: "I think I’ve found a product that makes the Google interface look like it was designed by Apple." Sure, except that those who have Apple Computers can’t access it yet. I would suggest taking down the quote until the version for the Mac comes out.

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