And even more sites for design inspiration?

OK, this is the last of the design inspirational sites, or rather sites that Adobe wondered if peopole visited every day. As you have probably seen, over these last four blog entries, some of these are great, and you can get lost in them, such as Zeldman’s blog, and Veer. Have fun exploring the sites.

    This appears to be a site to go to if you are into type. There are
    articles and interviews of people involved in the type industry. Yes,
    you too can learn about the history of type, and why things are named
    what they are. There are even "courses" on type, something I think more people should know about.
  •   I’ve never heard of this site, but it appears to be an online forum for discussing design issues. The site is run by two designers.
  • Very
    plain site, but oh, a bunch of information. Written by Jakob Nielsen,
    this is actually a fascinating site. For example, on Dec. 6, he had a
    piece about the most hated advertising techniques,
    something I think we can all relate to. Jakob Nielsen is very big on
    usability, and is a great person to listen to, so I could see why this
    would be listed as a source of inspiration. If nothing else, his
    article on the top ten mistakes in web designs is well worth the visit. I can see why this site would and should be visited on a weekly basis.
    This site, which I have never visited before, is called the Online
    Resource for International Design Interiors and lifestyle. It covers
    architecture, jewelry and industrial design.
    I was going to say the WebMonkey was so ’90s, as I haven’t visited it
    in years, and I used to all the time when I was still learning about
    setting up websites. It appears to still have good information though.
    Perhaps I should go back to using it, although I notice many of the
    articles date back to 1997. It would help if there were more up-to-date
  •   This website has a section called "Inspiration"  but it is also a pace that is selling stock photography just as the next site is.
  • This
    site I love. It really is a place to go for inspiration, as well as
    some totally cool stock photography, that no one else seems to have.
    They have a section called Ideas, which has had some very cool websites, and contests, and oh, just go check them out. Where else could you find out about the skeletal systems of cartoon characters.
  •   Well, if you haven’t discovered this, you should. Great blog on designing and the web.

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