Always check your forms

I think I’ve written about this before, but it goes without saying it to often. Always check to see that your forms are working, each time you muck with them. EACH TIME. I say this because I just made a tiny tweak to a form for a client, just now, and thought, well, I had better test it just in case something changed, and sure enough, something had changed enough that it threw the form off. I am so glad I checked it.

Well, we learn by our mistakes, and my first mistake with a form for a website happened so long ago, I can’t even tell you, probably in the early days of my web design, I created a form for a client, and according to the client, it didn’t work. Oh, I had tested it, but I hadn’t done the final test, that is the test to see if the client is getting the emails. It is not enough that you are getting them, but that it works for them too.

And it didn’t. Weather it was user error or not, it didn’t matter. And they didn’t tell me for a year that they had not gotten any emails.

Needless to dsay, I did not keep that client.

So check, once, twice, and then check in with the client.

Then you can breath easily.

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