Advice to Freelancers Part III

I thought I would write today advising you about books that you must own if you become a freelancer. But when I went over to my bookshelf I saw that I have removed all the books that I found didn’t work, so I can’t even tell you what they were.

My book shelf still has books on it. I have a lot from Peachpit, and a few from New Riders (which is also part of Peachpit), Glasshaus, Lydia Weinman and Adobe Press.

But the book I think you should run out and buy is one by Nolo Press. Nolo Press is a great site, and you should explore it, and find all the things you need to know. I have the book, Wage Slave no more!, which sounds a lot better than it is. It has been a while since I bought a new book from them, and looking around the site reminds me that I last bought this book in 1998 or so. There are some great sounding ones, such as Choose the Best Legal Entity for Your One Person Business. This one is important when you are just starting out. Very important.

Another important thing is to have a good contract. This is something I have developed over the years, but this book Working for Yourself: Law and Taxes fro Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Consultants sounds like it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble. I wish someone had told me what to have on my bookshelf when I first started.

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