Adult Ring-tones, ring-back tones, and other marketing trips

I am not who they are marking to. I know I’m not. But I am not the only one who is not being marketed too.  It’s rather odd, as a baby-boomer, who has always been the focusing of marketing her whole life to suddenly not be the main focus. What a drop. What a kick in the butt.

This was brought up on one of my email-lists recently when we were discussing how ring-tones that came with our cell-phones were all cute and hip, but not professional. What were they thinking? How professional is it to have your cell phone ring in a meeting and it is the theme to some TV show. I was at the dentist and my cell phone went off. At least I had the option to have "Ode to Joy" playing.

And yes, now they have come up with something new. Aren’t they always. Yes, so far we have been able to add a different ring-tone to signal everyone we have in our phone book, now Verizon will have a ring that will be at the other end. Now, instead of hearing the other line ringing for you, you will hear a tune that your recipient has selected for you. Oh, sure, we were all sick of hearing the phone ring and waiting for our recipient to pick up, weren’t we? We would rather hearing music? Sort of like Muzak for the ears? Well, what do we know anyway. This is apparently very popular in Asia.

And how many people will use these? Who knows. My mother certainly not. I have only recently figured out how to type in names in my address book, much less try to do text messaging.  There was a recent study that said 85% of users feel they are too "dumb" to use all the features on their cell phone. I know, I know. It is the young who will pick up on this, and like the personal computer, take it as far as they can go.

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