Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe sent me a survey the other day, which I suppose they did to a lot of their customers, asking me questions such as “What do you think of when someone says “Suite” when talking about software. Well, just having purchased the Adobe Creative Suite, that was the only one on my mind, and I didn’t list others, which must have made their marketing people very happy. They looked as though they wanted to know if I was happy with my purchase. Of course I was. I’ve been using Adobe since they first came out with Postscript fonts, and using Illustrator and knowing how to use Illustrator, landed me my first major job. Illustrator was so new at the time, that no one else knew how to use it, and just the fact that I did, got me in the door, where I stayed for 10 years.

Of course I purchased other suites. I have Macromedia’s suite that includes dreamweaver, which is called Studio MX. (I don’t use all the bits in their, but I use at least two, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. And of course I own Microsoft Office. Notbecause I like word, but because I have to to communicate with others who use it.

I think most people are going to be purchasing the Adobe Suite because they have Photoshop, which seems to be where they are aiming their upgrade specials from, just as Macromedia was targeting Dreamweaver people to purchase their suite. And this is a good reason. Adobe products are quite good, and, for the most part, I use all of them together (except of course, I use Dreamweaver, instead of GoLive).

The only complaint I have with Creative Suite, and this may be because I haven’t read the manual (who, me read the manual), is that I can’t make Illustrator backwards compatible, the way I could with Illustrator 10. There are people still out there that haven’t upgraded, and if I am sharing files, I want them to be able to read them.

But the survey didn’t ask me that question.

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