Adobe buying Macromedia

It is interesting the different reactions I have heard from people who told me this was happening, that Adobe was buying Macromedia. One friend said, oh, good, now I don’t have to buy two suites. This is true. It would be nice not to have to buy tow sets of programs, but I happen to like Dreamweaver over GoLive and if Adobe does what it did with PageMaker, it means I will soon have to be using GoLive whether I want to or not. When Adobe bought Aldus, the supported PageMaker for a time, while they developed InDesign. Now, I’ll admit that InDesign rocks, but that is beside the point. :)

In a conversation with another Friend, I said, "Do you think they wanted Flash?" Flash was the flagship of Macromedia, used as a standard, the way that Adobe’s PDFs are used as a standard. She said, well,that will kill the PDF killer (Flash Paper) that Macromedia was working on. On the other hand, it looks as though it might end up working hand in hand with Acrobat. It looks like a very cool product.

What the newspapers are saying, however, is the reason the two are merging is to take on Microsoft. This is interesting, because I am the market that both Adobe and Macromedia are going after, and I have no desire to buy any product from Microsoft. However, according to the New York Times, the next version of Windows will have a PDF like feature.

But what I found most interesting, in reading up on the merger, is how Adobe wants to move into Wireless, which is where Macromedia has been moving. That should be interesting, having done a little bit of that with one of my clients.



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