Adobe and the Mac

When I started on the Mac, which was the original Mac, the one that you saw in the SuperBowl ad, so long ago, there was no hard drive, there were hardly any programs, but when Adobe came out with Illustrator and Photoshop, oh, it was so good. Actually, even though my first real job was because I could use PageMaker (and had a flipping degree), my next real job was because I could use Illustrator. It was so new, what was that back in 86 or so? So few people knew it, that when I said I did, I was hired. (Well, it’s more than that, but that was part of it.).

The reason I’ve been thinking about this, is because Adobe is doing less and less for the Mac these days. I just saw that they have upgraded FrameMaker, for the PC and Unix, but not for the Mac.


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