Adivce to Freelancers Part IV

Little Bits of Wisdom

  • Don’t kill your clients.
  • It’s always feast or famine
  • Always do work as it comes in, baring deadlines. Don’t just take the day off because you don’t *know* of any incoming jobs.
  • Do what the client wants, though you know it is wrong. You can either do it, and just be upset, or do it, and do what you think is better, and offer both.
  • Don’t do all pro bono or all free work for your portfolio. People won’t appreciate or hire you to do paid work no matter how great a job you do.
  • Cut client’s some slack. You don’t know how to do root canals and they don’t know how to do web pages.

Print and Web and printing web

Find out if you client is more interested in making their site print, or if they want it to look good on one particular browser, or what. Find out before you do the design. If you must offer a print ready version of the pages.

A list Apart has some ideas on this, as does this article.

Jacom Neielsen also had an interesting article about the difference between print and web.

And speaking of print, always make sure you can print what you design for print. I have designed things that I have even showed my clients, and then I have gone to my printer and been told that a)it was too expensive to do or b)it was impossible to do. :(

I recently designed some business cards, but hadn’t gotten a print quote on them. When I finally did I learned they were far too expensive to get them done the way they should be, and still be within the clients budget.

My favorite story of needing to talk to a printer first was one of the first print jobs I did after I got out of college. For some reason, I didn’t know that a) the budget for the project was just two colors and b)it was a saddle stitched, so had to end in a number of pages divisible by four. Oops.

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