As I said in a twitter post, which I need to update, on Friday, Dec. 5th, at 3pm, it looked as though Yahoo IM had taken out Adium, the multiple carrier IM software that I use. Because not all of my contacts are on Yahoo, though most are, I had to find on program that would allow me to log in and be there for all of them, because, sometimes, an email is not quite the what I need.

For those few hours on Friday, when I realized that Adium wasn't going to be working, I downloaded version 3 of Yahoo IM for the Mac. Even though the message I had gotten on Adium was that all of Yahoo IM was down, on Yahoo's own system, it worked fine. There was talk, on Twitter, the only place where people were talking, that perhaps it was Yahoo trying to get people to stop using programs like Adium, that allowed users to have several carrier's IMs going at once.

I am happy that all is back to normal for now. Makes life a lot easier.

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