Adium updates

Adium update box

Adium update box

Just after all the trouble with Adium working with Yahoo IM, I noticed that Adium updated. Normally I just say, update, and forget about it. I figure what is going to be fixed will have been fixed.

But this time, I read the box, and noticed the first fix was the one I blogged about the other day, the one where Yahoo IM was having trouble connecting. I installed it the moment I read that.

What is truly weird about the Yahoo problem is the fact that it locked out older Yahoo IMs as well as those like Adium that piggy backed on them. You would think that Yahoo would want to support older versions, but I guess they figure that everyone can upgrade, so why don’t they. My older version of Yahoo IM, on my older Mac, which I haven’t updated, hasn’t been working since last Friday.

So, cheers to Adium, a free product, for updating to cover this major issue.

Boo to Yahoo for doing it once again.

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