Adium and problems with Yahoo IM

The problem with using free programs that piggy-back on other free programs is that when one of them changes, the others have to change as well. Yahoo IM keeps changing some setting, that makes Adium not work quite right. Adium is a multiple IM program that lets you connect with if not all, just about all the instant messging programs that are out there. Not all my clients are on Yahoo. Some are on Google talk, some are on MS, some are on AOL. Those are the only ones I use. I know, if I looked, I would see that it supports far more. In fact, the next build it going to include twitter. Not sure how that is going to work. Be prepared to get absolutly no work done. (As a side note, I noticed that I could link up my Faebook IM, but discovered that other than one client I had there, most of the people were friends, who wanted to talk, when I needed to work, so I had to turn it off again)

But this is not the point of this entry. The point is that once again Yahoo has changed it settings again. I went on google to search for a solution, then bagged that, and went to twitter, where I saw the disussion going on, and found the solution, to change the server settings to:

So once again, twitter has come to the rescue, helping me solve my problem, faster then any other postings out there. Of course, the real solution came from Cocaforge, where the tweet that solved my problem linked to.

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