About Laura

Looking up

Looking up

Laura was raised in captivity by loving humans, in Southern California, until she escaped to the greater San Francisco bay area in her 20s. She has since lived in the Santa Cruz mountains, where she has been working in graphic design for over 20 years.

The world has changed since she first learned about graphic design, while in college. The Mac was introduced the year she graduated, and she still recalls walking into the computer shop and seeing it, and being thrilled at all it could do.

While most find working out of a home office to be distracting, Laura has found she can better meet the tight deadlines of her clients, and does so, even if she has to work nights and weekends. Some joke she has no life, but she does.

Laura has been blogging since Feb. of 2004, which she did so on the advice of a colleague.  She started out using TypePad, but has since moved to WordPress.