A year goes by, my laptop stays the same.

I opened my lap top today, to get ready to travel down south to see friends and family, and was surprised to see things I hadn’t seen in over a year.

Every year I go on a trip with my laptop. At other times of the year, when I travel, I try to make sure I won’t need it, which is probably why I don’t use it all that much. During the year I use it when the power goes out. This year, thankfully, that hasn’t happened that much, so when I opened my laptop to get it ready for my trip down south, I was suprised to see what  bookmarks I had on my browser, things that had been important to me a year ago, but aren’t important now. Files that I saved to my desktop that I just had to have, and other odds and ends.

I should know by now that things change in a year, but opening my laptop was rather like opening a time capsule There was even a game open, that my daughter, I suppose, was playing, just before I shut down the computer to come back to my home office. I only noticed the tab because it beeped at me.

I also notice, although I haven’t seen it yet, who I have filtered in my email. I filter my email so that the client are highlighted, and show up first when I am downloading my letters and correspondences.  Each time I open up the lap top I have to add new ones, and I discover old ones who have moved to other companies, or left, or just don’t need my services anymore.

I guess what I am saying it is it is a bit nostalgic, which is typical, I suppose, for this time of year, when the new year is so close. So here is to all the new and old friends that I have gathered in my computer for another year.  Hope to see you again, when I open up the lap top next year.

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