A well-rounded education

I once had to speak at one of those "discuss your career with a bunch of teenagers" day. The questions they mostly asked were how much money they could make as a graphic designer and how could they become one. How could they get to where I was right at that moment.

I don’t think I told them very well how to do it, because for me, I didn’t follow a usual path. Do any of us? One doesn’t go to school to be a freelance graphic artist. One goes to school to be a graphic artist, yes, but usually in something, such as industrial design.

So, if I could do it again, speak that is, I would have told them to get a well-rounded education. The problem is, we often have our eye on just the thing were are interested, and life is more than that. We don’t do one job our whole life. One graphic designer I know has decided to become an acupuncturist, and one woman that I have worked with, as a writer, originally studied to be a graphic artist. The more we know, the more we know we don’t know.

So, my advice is, if you are interested in graphic design, make sure you have other things you are also interested in as well. Minor in something that has nothing to do with your major.

You never know, you may need it later.

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