A site for logos

I am glad I do not make my living doing logos. It is tight out there. People don’t want to pay for a fully designed, concepted logo. They want something quick. They want something cheap. Twice now, one of my clients has gotten her logos from a website, and she has been happy with them.

So, what sort of website does that sort of think. Years ago, Rick Tharp, may he rest in peace, did a story on trying to get a logo from one such place. It was very funny, and showed how you really do need a live person, schooled in art, with experience, to get what you want.

Well, I guess that is what they have these days.  I was reading Adreas newsletter the other day, and he recommended this site for getting your logo designed. I expected to find something akin to grade-schoolers putting up slock, but was surprised to find some very nice logos.

The site, owned by hp, specializes logos. Interesting concept. They even have a web page where you can see the person who is designing the logo and what other logos they did. Not that I really believe these people exist, but interesting none the less.

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