A day without search engines

On one of my emails lists, the other day, someone said they though Google was down, and they were in a big of a panic. Then they realized it was up. And everyone started chatting about what the world would be like without search engines. It is hard to image. How would we look for things. I think when I first started using the internet (well, I actually used Arpenet, but only in passing), that I was on AOL, and that had a sort of directory, though not a search engine. And Yahoo was right out there, at the beginning, sending people to where they needed to go. There were a lot less websites back then too.

I think the web would die without websites. Except for the companies whose name is their url, no one would be able to find anything. And think how hard it would be if there weren’t search engines for sites that are large, such as Amazon. That would make things pretty useless.

And what would students do. They would actually have to go to the library. What a shock.

So, while I can exist without my email account for a day, I don’t think I could exist a day without a search engine. (Although they’ve been useless, of late, in trying to find out how a foreign national, who is a permanent resident, can travel abroad. Sounds easy, but she has lost her Cuban passport. I think, after all the research online, that she will have to have the passport replaced. She though she could just go down and get a U.S. passport. Ha!).

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