A day without email

I was without email the other day.

It was hard. It’s hard because all my works comes via email and I send it out via email. Without email I am blind and deaf. It is an odd feeling. I do have a Yahoo account that I could reach out with, but I felt awkward and slow, as though handicapped by this web account. This has been happening more often, unfortunately, because of attacks, overloads of spam and such. My ISP is small, and the owner says that spam is overwhelming his system.

I managed fine, because, fortunately, I get my internet connection itself from a larger ISP, so, while in the past, I would have been without even an internet connection, I was just without email. So, I used my Yahoo account and worked away until the email returned. I even have a gmail account I could have broken in, but I thought that might be too confusing for people.

I was so glad when the email returned, and I could hear the chatter of the outside world.

This is almost as bad as when my hard drive crashed,a nd ate everything. Fortunately, I had made back-ups of everything I thought was important, but didn’t even think of all my old email. It wasn’t until I got everything working again, and all my software in place that I realized that I was missing three years of my life. I had no address book. I had no past emails about jobs. I had nothing. I felt as though I had lost something. I kept looking around my office, but everything was there. Yet, inside my computer it was all new mail, new things, but nothing to look up. It is odd to feel a loss when the world looks the same.

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