30″ Screen for the Mac

People who walk into my office say “Wow!” when they see my 23-inch Cinema flat screen monitor. I saved up for that one. It is the only way to work. But, lately, I have felt cramped, just in time for Apple to come out with a 30-inch Cinema flat screen monitor. Of course, it costs 1.5 times as much as the 23-inch, at $US 3, 299. Ah, someone heard my wishes.

When I first started working on the Mac, back in 1984, it had a little monitor, built in, but it doesn’t matter, because I didn’t do any graphics works. There weren’t any programs other than MacDraw, for doing any of that stuff in. But, as I started to do more graphic work, the more I needed large screens. If finally got my hands on a 19-inch screen, and for while that was enough, but like a junkie, I need more space. I go crazy when I work on other people’s computers, with their wimpy little screens. I like to spread out my files, my windows, my menus so I can see everything at once.

So, thank you Apple, for realizing that one can never be too thin or to large, so to speak. Now when are we going to have a monitor like the one in Minority Report?

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